Submit a New Microfiction

We want you to submit and share your own microfictions to our interactive map! What is a microfiction?

What is a Microfiction?

Your microfiction could be:

  • a (very) short story
  • a short non-fictional reflection
  • a piece of dialogue
  • a poem
  • an extract from a longer piece of writing

Your microfiction doesn't have to be "fictional", but it does have to be "micro". The word limit is 300 words.

Your microfiction can be in any language.

All microfictions will be moderated to ensure suitability for the map.

You retain the copyright of your microfiction. However, by submitting your microfictions, you agree to allow Literary Atlas to publish your work on this page indefinitely. Please do not submit copyrighted material that you do not own.