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Amy Dillwyn

Author of The Rebecca Rioter

Amy Dillwyn (1845-1935) was born in Swansea into a wealthy family of industrialists and politicians, and spent most of her life there. Dedicating herself to charity work early in life, she began writing novels during a bout of illness in the 1870s. Her first novel, The Rebecca Rioter, was published in 1880, and was followed by five more within just over a decade, a period during which she was also a regular reviewer for The Spectator. Her life took a new turn after the death of her father in 1892. She took up a life as an industrialist, and successfully turned around the failing family business, the Dillwyn Spelter Works. This was an outstanding achievement in an era of patriarchal dominance in business, and Dillwyn went on to develop a reputation for progressive, unorthodox views.